From developing hardware and software for military-grade multi-spectral image fusion (helmet-mounted and weapon sites), military-grade thermal imaging weapon sites, telecom and datacom transport mechanisms, and audio transport projects, to performing protocol analyses, architecture definition, and conformance testing. He is the sole proprietor of Alexander Recording Studio serving as a recording engineer, Electrical Engineer (BSEE), and web designer.

He has completed audio recording courses under the tutelage of Skip Frazee, a noted audio and audio-for-film engineer and all-around-great-guy ( Forensic Sound Sound One LinkedIn ). From 24 track analog tape, to the digital realm, he now has built a home studio platform for affordable audio recording for individuals and small groups. The studio features a 7 ft grand piano, Hammond RT-3 with Leslie 147 conversion, and a Roland drum kit with analog snare and hi hat. Mixing and some mastering are within his forte.

He completed a couple of courses in website development (Rob Percival) and is branching out to include that endeavor. Course material included building 14 websites. This website is one of his works. He speaks C/C++, VHDL, HTML, CSS, along with many arcane computer languages (assembler, BASIC, FORTRAN, and the like). The hardware language he speaks is VHDL.

His piano lessons have been served under his mom, Marsha Webb, and Wade Cottingham. Among some of the music-related endeavors, he has rehabilitated one 1939 Baldwin full-sized upright piano, a 1959 7ft Story&Clark grand piano, and is restoring a 1950 Hammond RT-3 organ. He plays piano, the Hammond organ, drums, enjoys painting, and cooking (sometimes wonky dishes, and sometimes edible dishes).

His mascots.