Alexander Recording Studio

Piano Rehab of a 1950 7ft Story & Clark

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  • 1959 Story and Clark, 7ft grand piano. A resonator
    (in another picture) was glued to the soundboard in
    an attempt to make it louder. The opposite
    happened as the soundboard couldn't vibrate.
  • The previously doped hammers are replaced with a fresh set of German hammers. Doping the hammers was another attempt to make the piano louder.
  • The resonator removed, but the top of it kept. It was of superb craftmanship, but wrong for a piano. It took two Dremel tools to remove it.
  • To get to the resonator, strings come off. Once removed, the strings return.
  • Remaining scars. To completely remove them would have reduced the soundboard crown, which would make the piano much more quiet.